Women Outearning Men: Making Money–Not Breaking Prescribed Gender Roles

An article entitled “The new gender economics” in More magazine discusses data that shows that as of 2010, “the wife now earns more than the husband in 22 percent of married couples, compared with only four percent in 1970” (58, March 2012).  The article features exposes of two couples, both with the wives outearning their husbands and their husbands appreciating their wives despite their financial success.  Apparently, “men are starting to think it’s sexy for women to outearn them” (58, March 2012).  See women.  Just stay sexy.  Keep your money-earning sexy.  Do not forget that your self-worth comes from men thinking you are sexy.  

Relatedly, Jezebel and NPR both reference Liza Mundy’s book The Richer Sex: How the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family.



Worth checking out 🙂


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  1. But women don’t out-earn men (that comment is directed at the bad reporting, not you). I want news outlets to stop reporting this very small phenomena as if it were a trend that held true for all women. Childless women, in big cities, in certain fields do make about 105% of what men make. And, like you said, as always, women’s activities require male approval to be considered appropriate and non-threatening.

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