Chasing Amy

This movie is terrible and should be avoided at all costs.  This movie’s only redeemable quality is it gives me an opportunity to judge it and explain all the ways that it fails.

Directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma), Chasing Amy was hailed by critics as a triumph, a work of serious contemplation by the typically satirical and irreverent Smith.  Starring Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and Joey Lauren Adams, those involved in making Chasing Amy either never had any queer friends or worse, they did, and wanted to represent them in the worst light possible.  

Holden and Banky are comic book artists who have been best friends since they were in grade school and currently share an apartment together.  A mutual friend introduces them to Alyssa, and Holden develops a crush on her before she tells him that she’s a lesbian.  They become friends, during which time Holden begins to fall in love with Alyssa.  There are four particularly abysmal scenes that exemplify how horrendous this movie is.  In chronological order:

1) Holden and Leslie are talking about sex.  Holden attempts to define virginity and after some back-and-forth finally arrives at the conclusion that virginity is lost at the moment of penetration and therefore lesbians never lose their virginity (I really wish I was making this up).  Instead of arguing that defining virginity by penetration is heteronormative and exclusionary, Leslie attempts to show how lesbians do penetrate one another because lesbianism a) revolves around making straight men feel comfortable, b) fits into categories created, prescribed and perpetrated by straight men, c) is just a replacement for heterosexual sex, and d) is really, secretly all about penetration because lesbians just haven’t found the right penis.

If you care to brave it, you can watch here:

***trigger warning: the video mentions rape***

2) Driving in the car together (in the rain), Holden pulls over to tell Leslie that he loves her so they can’t be friends anymore because it’s too hard for him.  Because he’s been brainwashed to think that if he’s nice to a girl then she should fall in love with him.  Shame on her for being a lesbian!  He’s a nice guy!  So Leslie calls him out on his bullshit and gets out of the car, proceeding to hitchhike in the rain.  Holden runs after her, they fight, and then they kiss!!!!  They kiss!  Because being bullied by a male who is supposed to be your friend is super sexy.

3) Leslie is spending time with her friends, who, of course, are all lesbians.  They ask about her love life and she dances around with pronouns, using plural pronouns to avoid using male pronouns.  Her friends call her out on it, and when she reveals that she’s dating a male, they ostracize her.  Because that’s what good friends do.  

4)  And finally, the worst scene of the movie: Holden gets Banky and Leslie together at his apartment.  He and Banky have been fighting since he started dating Leslie.  Banky claims that Holden’s infatuation with Leslie is affecting both their friendship and their work.  In this scene, Banky and Leslie are sitting on opposite sides of the couch, and Holden crouches on the floor to explain his brilliant solution.  Banky’s jealousy is obviously caused by the fact that he’s in love with him so if the three of them sleep together, Banky won’t be jealous anymore, and they can all be best friends and live happily ever after.


Banky actually agrees to this.  

Leslie finally stands up for herself, tells Holden that she’s not his whore, and leaves.

That’s the best part of the movie.  

So avoid this movie at all costs.


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